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Our editors are both experienced academics and professional editors, which is what allows us to produce work of the very highest standard in the extremely specialised field of academic editing.

Dr Rani Kerin, Editor at Capstone Editing

Dr Rani Kerin


  • PhD (History), The Australian National University
  • Honours in History, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Arts (majors in History and Gender Studies), Monash University

Dr Rani Kerin has been researching, teaching, supervising and publishing in Aboriginal history for more than a decade. In 2012, her monograph Doctor Do-Good: Charles Duguid and Aboriginal Advancement, 1930s–1960s was shortlisted for the Magarey Medal in biography. She has lectured at flagship universities in New Zealand and Australia, including the University of Otago and Monash University, and has held research fellowships at the National Centre of Biography (The Australian National University), the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (University of Sydney) and the Monash Indigenous Centre (Monash University). She has been supervising Higher Degree Research students at Federation University since 2013.

Dr Kerin is an accomplished and highly experienced specialist academic editor. From 2010 to 2013, she worked as a Research Editor at the Australian Dictionary of Biography and she has been Monographs Editor for Aboriginal History since 2011. The satisfaction that comes from seeing a piece of writing improve to such an extent that it not only reads well, but reads beautifully, drives her love of editing.

The combination of her considerable academic editing skill and experience supervising postgraduate students makes Dr Kerin especially talented at editing Honours, Master’s and PhD theses. Dr Kerin knows exactly what a thesis examiner expects to see in a thesis worthy of acceptance and is able to use her expertise as a professional editor to help students to achieve academic success.


Books and Book Chapters
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  • Kerin, Rani. 2016. Making A Difference: Fifty Years of Indigenous Programs at Monash University. Melbourne: Monash University Publishing.
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Journal Articles
  • Cahir, Fred, Sarah McMaster, Wendy Wright, Rani Kerin and Ian Clark. 2016. ‘“Winda Lingo Parugoneit” or Why Set the Bush [on] Fire? Fire and Victorian Aboriginal People on the Colonial Frontier’. Australian Historical Studies 47 (2): 225–240.
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Book Reviews
  • Kerin, Rani. 2016. Review of Fighting Hard: The Victorian Aborigines Advancement League, by Richard Broome. Australian Historical Studies 47 (2):338–339.
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