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Your chance to WIN up to $1,500 of BOOKS!

Posted by on 1 May 2019

Book Voucher Competition


This competition has three rounds. Each fortnight for the next six weeks, we will be giving away a $500 voucher to the bookshop of your choice! 


How to enter


1. Like our Facebook page!

2. Share our top (pinned) post and tag two friends!

After two weeks, the lucky winner of round one will be announced. Round two of the competition will start straight after with a brand-new post to share, followed by round three the following fortnight. You can enter all three rounds and you can enter as many times as you like! The winner is selected at random.

By entering this competition, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions, as outlined on our website below.

Terms and conditions


  1. The prize (award) for this competition is a A$500 (maximum including any taxes or additional fees) voucher for a bookshop of the recipient’s choosing. Should the recipient fail to notify Capstone Editing in writing (by email or Messenger) of their chosen bookshop within 7 days of winning the award, Capstone Editing reserves the right to purchase the voucher from a bookshop of their choosing.
  2. For your entry to be valid, you must only share Capstone Editing’s original Facebook post, not that of others. The post must be shared on your personal account and set to public so that Capstone Editing can see it on your profile.
  3. The shared post must remain on your wall/profile for the entirety of the competition and must not be deleted.
  4. The details of the winner (recipient) of the competition, including name and university (if studying), may be used by Capstone Editing for promotional purposes, including Capstone Editing’s website, social media channels, blog, print and electronic media.
  5. The name of the winner of each round of this competition will be announced on Capstone Editing’s social media channels and website at the end of each two-week period (round).
  6. It is a precondition of the award of the competition that the recipient provide their details including name, email and university (if studying) to Capstone Editing for use in accordance with clauses 4 and 5 and so Capstone Editing can contact them to deliver the award by email or post.
  7. By accepting the award, the recipient expressly agrees and consents to Capstone Editing using their details including name and university for promotional purposes as set out in clauses 4 and 5.
  8. Capstone Editing agrees that it shall in no way use the details provided in accordance with clause 6 for any purpose other than as set out in clauses 4 and 5 without the express written consent of the recipient.
  9. We have the right to cancel this competition at any time.
  10. Employees or contractors of Capstone Editing (or a family member of an employee or contractor) cannot enter the competition.
  11. The book voucher will only be valid for 12 months.
  12. A maximum of three winners will be selected for the entirety of the competition. Winners are selected at random. Since participants are allowed to enter the draw more than once, it is possible for one person to win more than once.
  13. Capstone Editing is not liable for the payment of any tax or any other obligations that the recipient may incur as a result of accepting the award. The recipient must seek appropriate financial advice prior to accepting the award.
  14. Round one will open Wednesday 1 May 2019 @ 3.30 pm AEDT and close Tuesday 14 May 2019 @ 11.59 pm AEDT. (Winner announced on Wednesday 15 May.)
  15. Round two will open Wednesday 15 May 2019 @ 3.30 pm AEDT and close Tuesday 28 May 2019 @ 11.59 pm AEDT. (Winner announced on Wednesday 29 May.)
  16. Round three will open Wednesday 29 May 2019 @ 3.30 pm AEDT and close Tuesday 11 June 2019 @11.59 pm AEDT. (Winner announced on Wednesday 12 June.)
  17. UPDATE Wednesdsay 29 May: Round three is cancelled.

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Your chance to WIN up to $1,500 of BOOKS!