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2020 Winner of the Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students

Posted by Capstone Editing on 7 January 2021

2020 Winner of the Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students

We are pleased to announce that Erin Quigley is this year's recipient of the Capstone Editing Laptop Grant for Postgraduate Coursework Students.

Erin is enrolled in the Master of Educational Psychology and previously completed the Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) at the University of Melbourne. She received first class honours for both degrees and wrote a 10,000-word thesis on inadequate construct validation as an alternative explanation to account for psychology’s replication ‘crisis’.

Prior to studying psychology, Erin completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Master of Applied History at Monash University, specialising in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. During her time at Monash, she received scholarships to complete an exchange at Lancaster University, UK; study tours in South Africa and Rwanda and Israel and Palestine; and an internship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

In 2020, Erin completed a placement as a provisional psychologist at Korowa Anglican Girls’ School. In this role, she provided individual counselling and administered group mindfulness programs and psychoeducational assessments with primary and secondary students. In 2021, Erin will complete placements at Valley Family Health and RMIT University. After four years of theoretical training, she is relishing the opportunity to work directly with clients.

Erin’s professional background is in student welfare in the university sector. These experiences are what inspired her to retrain as an educational and developmental psychologist. These roles include coordinating orientation and transition programs for students, special consideration and unsatisfactory academic progress, as well as disability advising. Erin found these roles immensely rewarding as she supported students experiencing a difficult time by providing pastoral care and helping them gain the most out of their educational experience.

Erin feels very fortunate to be awarded this grant, which will make a profound difference in supporting the completion of her coursework, placements and master’s thesis. Her thesis will explore early career psychologists’ perceived competence at administering risk assessments. She thanks Capstone Editing for the opportunity.


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